May-June 2015: MAGIC 2014-15 (Fall-Spring) Sessions Conclude

The 2014-15 MAGIC sessions at each of MAGIC's partner schools/centers concluded with the mentees presenting their experiences and demo'ing their projects. The audience consisted of other mentees, mentors, school/center administrators and teachers, families of mentees, MAGIC coordinators and members of the MAGIC board. These schools/centers include:

Additionally, ten mentees from outside of these partner schools, who were accepted into the MAGIC program this year, also participated in a final presentation event held at the Google Mountain View campus. Each mentee presented highlights of her mentoring experience, and a demonstration of her project.

A huge congratulations to all the mentees and mentors for a very productive year!

May 2015: MAGIC Mentees Attend Google I/O 2015

MAGIC was invited second year in a row by Google Inc. to send its mentees to participate in Google I/O on May 29th, 2015 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA. These mentees participated in the Youth Session of Google I/O, where they had first hand experience with leading edge Google technology, participated in middle-school oriented technical activities, listed to a presentation by a senior Google executive, and of course, got some Google schwag!

Each MAGIC mentee who attended Google I/O 2015 had a blast. One of them wrote this essay about her day there!

February 2015: MAGIC Mentees Come Full Circle to Become MAGIC Mentors

The two most senior MAGIC mentees, Becky Bauer and Hosanna Fuller, who are currently juniors pursuing Computer Science degrees in college, have now become MAGIC mentors! They will start mentoring right away, as mentors for the Spring 2015 session.

January 2015: MAGIC kicks off at YULA

MAGIC kicked off its third year at the Yeshiva Girls High School in Los Angeles, CA. Three mentees have been matched with remote mentors, located in the San Francisco bay area, New Orleans and Port Hueneme. One of the three mentees is a returning mentee.

December 2014: MAGIC Sessions Kick off at Several Schools

In its seventh year of mentoring in the fall of 2015, MAGIC kicked off mentoring sessions at the following schools, in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and in the the San Francisco bay area:

2014 has also witnessed a large number of potential mentee candidates applying through the MAGIC website. Out of these, five applicants have been selected into the program in the fall of 2014.

Approximately half of the mentees are being mentored remotely, using remote communication tools such as Google Hangout and Skype.

October 2014: MAGIC receives a CSF Grant from MIT

MAGIC is now the proud recipient of a financial award from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Community Service Fund (CSF). This establishes MIT's CSF as an official sponsor of the MAGIC program, and we are delighted with this achievement! Congratulations to our board member Esha Sahai for securing this grant, which recognizes public service work performed by members of the MIT community!

May-July 2014: 2013-2014 Mentoring Sessions Conclude

MAGIC mentoring sessions for 2013-2014 concluded at various partner schools in the months of May, June and July. Most of the mentees participated in closing presentations, where they presented highlights of their mentoring, and gave demonstrations of their projects. The audience consisted of mentors, other mentees, the entire school in one case, parents and families of the mentees, school faculty and officials, MAGIC coordinators, and/or members of the MAGIC team.

The closing presentations were held at:

Mentees from Cambridge Street Upper School, Cambridge, Massachusetts, did 1-1 closing meetings with their mentors.

Kudos to all the mentees and mentors for a very successful MAGIC year!

April 2014: Looking for East Bay Area Mentors for June-August 2014

MAGIC and TechBridge are joining hands to pilot a 1-1 MAGIC mentoring session for a subset of Techbridge girls this summer. The mentoring will take place in the East Bay.

We are looking for mentors in the East Bay area to provide face to face 1-1 mentoring from the 2nd week of June for a period of eight weeks. MAGIC Mentor criteria can be found here. The time commitment for the summer pilot is two hours per week for eight weeks.

Please send an email to this address if you are interested and/or have any questions.

About Techbridge: Techbridge was launched in 2000 to expand the academic and career options for girls in STEM. It conducts after-school and summer programs in the bay area, to support girls from under-resourced communities and economically disadvantaged families.