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May-July 2014: 2013-2014 Mentoring Sessions Conclude

MAGIC mentoring sessions for 2013-2014 concluded at various partner schools in the months of May, June and July. Most of the mentees participated in closing presentations, where they presented highlights of their mentoring, and gave demonstrations of their projects. The audience consisted of mentors, other mentees, the entire school in one case, parents and families of the mentees, school faculty and officials, MAGIC coordinators, and/or members of the MAGIC team.

The closing presentations were held at:

Mentees from Cambridge Street Upper School, Cambridge, Massachusetts, did 1-1 closing meetings with their mentors.

Kudos to all the mentees and mentors for a very successful MAGIC year!

April 2014: Looking for East Bay Area Mentors for June-August 2014

MAGIC and TechBridge are joining hands to pilot a 1-1 MAGIC mentoring session for a subset of Techbridge girls this summer. The mentoring will take place in the East Bay.

We are looking for mentors in the East Bay area to provide face to face 1-1 mentoring from the 2nd week of June for a period of eight weeks. MAGIC Mentor criteria can be found here. The time commitment for the summer pilot is two hours per week for eight weeks.

Please send an email to this address if you are interested and/or have any questions.

About Techbridge: Techbridge was launched in 2000 to expand the academic and career options for girls in STEM. It conducts after-school and summer programs in the bay area, to support girls from under-resourced communities and economically disadvantaged families.