May 2016: Eighth MAGIC Session Concludes at GMS

On May 10th, MAGIC completed eight years of partnership with its pilot school, The Girls' Middle School (GMS) in Palo Alto, California. Five mentees participated in the program this year, out of which two were paired with remote mentors and three had local mentors. Like every year, the concluding event started with each mentee giving a short presentation describing her experience, her project and demo, which was followed by concurrent demos by each of them. The audience included mentee families, mentors (one of the mentors attended via Google hangout), some of the faculty and administrators of the school, and members of the MAGIC core team.

Each of the five mentees, Ada Firth, Anne Friedman, Annie Zhang, Aruna Gauba, and Lainey Rogers, did an outstanding job on their projects. A huge thanks goes to their mentors, Dhana Shunmugasundram, Jaelle Scheuerman, Pichuan Chang, Sarah Rice and Uma Menon. GMS is MAGIC's original partner school, and the support of the school, particularly that provided by Tricia Kellison, the chair of the Computer Science department at GMS, is deeply appreciated. Congratulations to the mentees, their mentors and Tricia for a fantastic MAGICal year!

The mentee presentation slides can be found here.

May 2016: MAGIC East Coast Final Presentation

The 2015-2016 East Coast MAGIC mentoring session concluded on May 8th, with a final presentation by the four MAGIC mentees on the East Coast. This was the first formal final presentation by MAGIC mentees on the East Coast. The venue of the event was the Harvard Business School, and the audience included the four MAGIC mentors and the families of the four mentees. The MAGIC core team attended remotely from the West Coast via Google hangout. Each of the four mentees gave a short presentation, introducing their mentor, describing their MAGICal experience, detailing their project, and finally doing a project demo.

A big congratulations to the four mentees, Anvitha Veeragandham, Gayathri Nandyalam, Iccha Singha and Sruthi Kurada for a job well done! Kudos to the four mentors, Becky Bauer, Bobby Simidchieva, Deepa Kalkunte and Jacqueline Feild for their dedication in opening the doors of STEM to more girls!

The presentation slides can be found here.

April 2016: MAGIC participates in the MIT Open House

MAGIC was invited to have a booth/event at the MIT Open House on April 23rd. There were more than 350 activities planned for the MIT Open House, and MAGIC's event was from 2-3pm. The event started with Bobby Simidchieva, a MAGIC mentor, doing a presentation on MAGIC. This was followed by project demos by two MAGIC mentees on the east coast, namely Anvitha Veeragandham and Sruthi Kurada. The event concluded with a Python hands-on activity conducted by Sandra Harimoto, another MAGIC mentor. Event support was provided by MIT graduate and MAGIC board member Esha Sahai, current MIT student and MAGIC mentor, Smriti Pramanick, MAGIC mentor Becky Bauer, and the parents of the two MAGIC mentees. Feedback regarding the MAGIC event has been great. Thanks to all the participants on a job well done!

April 2016: MAGIC participates in Student Development Day at Presentation High School in San Jose

MAGIC was invited by Presentation High School in San Jose, CA, to participate in its Student Development Day on April 19th. The school screened the film "Miss Representation" to raise awareness about the portrayal and perception of women in society. This was followed by an outdoor fair with a few organizations which focus on the development of girls, in order to provide the girls with opportunities to get involved. The MAGIC booth attracted a large number of interested girls! Thanks to Sonu Durgia, MAGIC CFO, who organized and ran the MAGIC booth, and to MAGIC board member, Jazmine Jung, for providing support for the event!

February 2016: Spring session kickoff

Two additional mentees have been accepted into the MAGIC program this year. One of them is a high schooler (in the 11th. grade), and the other one is a middle schooler (in the 8th. grade). They are both being mentored remotely.