Becoming a Mentor or a Mentee

Call for Mentors

Check out current call for mentors.

MAGICMentor Criteria

  1. Must be a woman with a career (past or present) in STEM.
  2. Must pledge a time commitment of 4-6 months, for approximately 8 hours/month.
  3. Must provide a professional profile, including the number of years of professional experience.
  4. Must consent to participate in a comprehensive background check.
  5. Must go through an application process, including a phone interview.
  6. Must complete initial orientation/training.

MAGICMentee Criteria

  1. Must be a middle or high school girl, interested in technology.
  2. Must furnish written parental consent.
  3. Must pledge a time commitment of 2-3 hours/week during the mentoring session.
  4. If accepted, parents must sign a waiver and release of liability form.


Use this application form to apply to be a mentor or a mentee in this program.


  • Submission of an application for becoming a MAGICMentor or a MAGICMentee does not guarantee acceptance.
  • Information gathered for the MAGICMentor/MAGICMentee application process will be used for the sole purpose of establishing a mentor-mentee relationship.