MAGIC News from 2009

December 2009: MAGIC Session Kicks off at Keiller Academy

MAGIC has been working for the past few months to expand its mentoring to a second school. The MAGIC program kicked off to a great start at this second school, with the first mentor-mentee pair meeting over the phone during the first week of December. The school is the Keiller Leadership Academy in San Diego. During this session, MAGIC mentoring is being offered to three mentees. The mentoring will run through most of the school year, ending in May 2010. The MAGIC program at Keiller is notable in that each of the mentors is going to be remote. Weekly mentoring will take place through a combination of phone calls, video chats, sharing of online docs, and emails. Some of the MAGIC mentoring at GMS has also been remote, this year and last. Remote mentoring presents many learning opportunities not only to the MAGIC core team, but also to both the mentors and the mentees.

November 2009: MAGIC Receives Funding from Google

Google Inc. Charitable Giving Fund of Tides Foundation has become our first corporate sponsor. We look forward to having more sponsors in the future.

October 2009: Second MAGIC Session Kicks off at GMS

The second MAGIC session is off to a good start at The Girls' Middle School. MAGIC mentoring is being offered to five mentees this year at GMS, these mentees being from the sixth and seventh grades. MAGIC is also going to partner with two other schools in the next few months in San Diego and in the Bay Area respectively. Please stay tuned for additional information regarding these partnerships.

October 2009: Grace Hopper MAGIC Panel Successful

Four middle-schoolers (Cassiel Moroney, Holly Nguyen, Julia Goldman and Smriti Pramanick), a MAGIC mentor (Anjalee Sujanani) and a MAGIC core team member (Foz Saeed) participated as panelists in the MAGIC panel held on October 1st at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing. The young girls were from The Girls' Middle School (GMS) in Mountain View, CA, and represented the MAGIC mentees from the first MAGIC pilot, held at GMS. The panel was coordinated by Ira Pramanick, founder of MAGIC and a MAGIC core team member. Slides from the panel can be found at the Grace Hopper wiki site.

The panel was a great success, initiating exciting questions and comments from the large audience. Several potential partnership opportunities surfaced from panel follow-on discussions, and MAGIC is looking forward to these future collaborations.

Needless to say, the girls were the youngest (and possibly most sought after) attendees and were encouraged with several giveaways from different booths.

September 2009: MAGICal Panel at GHC 2009

Third year in a row, work on MAGIC is going to be presented at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing (GHC). This year, the format is a panel, and the topic is "MAGICal Learnings from 1-1 Mentoring of Middle School Girls". As the name suggests, the panel is about findings and experiences from the first MAGIC pilot, from the perspectives of the MAGIC team, the mentors and mentees. This pilotwas conducted at The Girls' Middle School. The panelists will include representatives of all three, and we hope to have some teachers and parents in the audience! This panel is scheduled in Session One (10:00am-11:00am) on October 1st. It is a Steering Committee Recommendation Track panel! More details about the GHC 2009 program can be found in the Conference Program Schedule. A summary report on the GMS-MAGIC pilot is available here.

May 2009: First MAGIC Pilot Concludes

MAGIC's first pilot, with the Girls' Middle School concluded at the end of May 2009. At the final MAGIC meeting of the school year, conducted at the school, each of the mentees gave a 5-10 minute presentation and/or demonstration of the work they had done with their mentors during the pilot. This included projects, reports and computer programs. The audience consisted of parents, mentors and teachers. A pilot report will be posted on this site by the end of September 2009.