MAGIC News from 2011

October 2011: MAGIC sessions kicked off at GMS and Oak Grove

The 2011-2012 MAGIC sessions were kicked off at Oak Grove High School in San Jose in the second week of October, and at The Girls' Middle School (GMS) in Palo Alto a week later. Both these sessions will run through the end of the school year.

June 2011: MAGIC mentoring session at Oak Grove High School concludes

In the last week of June, this academic year's MAGIC mentoring session at Oak Grove High School concluded with an informal meeting of the mentee, her mentor and a MAGIC board member. The mentoring session at Oak Grove lasted for five months, commencing in February of this year, and consisted of one mentor-mentee pair. The mentee was a junior with a particular interest in bio-engineering, and that was the focus of the mentoring sessions. The mentor in this case was remote.

May 2011: 2010-2011 MAGIC sessions conclude at GMS and Eastside

This month marked the end of this academic year's MAGIC sessions at The Girls' Middle School (GMS) and at Eastside Preparatory High School. The middle schooler mentees at GMS presented their work, in the form of slides and live demos, to an audience consisting of some of the school faculty members, their parents and grandparents, MAGIC mentors, and the MAGIC core team. For their closing meeting, the high schooler mentees at Eastside discussed their MAGIC work and suggestions for improvement of the MAGIC program at Eastside next year, with the MAGIC core team and the MAGIC faculty contacts at Eastside. Mentees from both schools worked on projects from a wide spectrum of STEM areas, including Robotics, Scratch, Android and Java programming, building websites, designing and building models using AutoCAD and SketchUp and model kits. Kudos to the mentees as well as their mentors for a very successful MAGIC program at each of these two schools!

March 2011: Google's 2011 IWD Campaign Showcases MAGIC

March 8th, 2011 is the 100th. anniversary of International Women's Day. As part of its 2011 International Women's Day campaign, Google has selected a few nonprofit organizations that work with girls or women to showcase on the Google's International Women's day website. MAGIC is one of these selected organizations! MAGIC can be found under the Education tab at the bottom half of this Google campaign page . This website offers the opportunity to donate to MAGIC via Google Checkout. Through this website, Google is facilitating people all over the world to support MAGIC's work in encouraging middle and high school girls to consider careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathemetics (STEM).

February 2011: MAGIC Kicks Off at Oak Grove High School

MAGIC mentoring began at the fourth school for MAGIC, since its inception three years ago. The school is Oak Grove High School in San Jose. Four mentees were prescreened by the school in Decemebr 2010, and then interviewed for a single MAGIC slot. A 11th. grader was selected for this program, which will run for approximately 6 months.