MAGIC News from 2012

November 2012: MAGIC Debuts on the East Coast

MAGIC commenced at its first school on the east coast as part of its expansion effort. The program was launched at Cambridge Street Upper School in Cambridge, Massachusetts in November. Two 8th graders were selected for the program, which will approximately run for 6 months. Both the mentors are from Boston's Children's Hospital at Harvard University.

October 2012: MAGIC Resumes Session at the Girls' Middle School

MAGIC launched its program for the fifth straight year at The Girls' Middle School in Palo Alto, California. The number of mentee applicants was the highest to date, and seven of them were selected to participate in the program. Two are sixth graders, four are seventh graders and one is an eighth grader. One of the mentor-mentee pairs will be doing remote mentoring, with the mentor being on the East Coast, and a second one will be part remote since the mentor is in UCSC. The remaining pairs are all participating in face to face mentoring. The mentors are from Clemson University, Intel Computer Clubhouse, Google, Sandisk, Santa Clara University, Stanford, and UCSC.

October 2012: MAGIC Partners With the US Navy in San Diego, CA

A branch of MAGIC was kicked off with the NAVY's SPAWAR command unit in San Diego, California. Six professional women from the Navy are joining hands with six college students from UCSD to provide mentoring to six middle school girls from the Preuss school. The mentoring model is slightly different from the standard MAGIC model in that 1-1 mentoring is replaced with a 3-way mentoring model. Each group consists of a middle schooler (mentee), a college student (mentor) and a professional STEM woman (mentor). Of the two mentors, one has the primary role, and the other takes on a secondary role, filliing in for the primary as needed. A side effect of this is that the college student gets some implicit mentoring by the STEM professional.

October 2012: MAGIC In Its Third year at Oak Grove

MAGIC kicked off its third year at Oak Grove High School in San Jose. Two mentees, one a sophomore and the second a junior were selected for this session, and a third mentee is on the waiting list. Both mentors are from the bay area, thus both these mentees will be mentored face to face. One of the mentors works at Google and the other one is an independent STEM professional, having worked at Sun Microsystems and NetApp in the past.

September 2012: MAGIC Mentoring for 2012-13 Commences

A middle schooler from Jordan School in Palo Alto is the first 2012 fall MAGIC mentee. The Jordan school is not one of the MAGIC partner schools, and the mentee in question found out about the MAGIC program from one of the past MAGIC mentees from GMS. A mentee application via the web followed, and after phone chats with the mentee and her parent, she was matched with a remote mentor in Maryland. The mentor works at the National Institute of Health (NIH).

August 2012: MAGIC Pilots Summer Time Mentoring

MAGIC ran a pilot of summer mentoring this year, with three mentees participating in the pilot. Summer mentoring was on an accelerated schedule compared to the mentoring of the regular academic year, and consisted of about two months of mentoring. Two of the mentees who participated had just graduated from high school and were going on to college. They used the mentoring in the summer months to come up to speed on Java before going to college. The third mentee is a rising freshman in high school, and is continuing with her mentoring for a few weeks beyond the end of summer.

May 2012: MAGIC partners with SCIENTISTA

MAGIC is proud to join hands with Scientista to achieve their common goal of encouraging more girls to consider STEM careers. The Scientista Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to bridging the gaps between established professionals and pre-professional women interested in pursuing careers in the sciences. It is the largest network of university campus women in science. In their words, "Scientista is honored to partner with, who shares our vision of encouraging women to pursue careers in STEM. We are excited to be sharing resources and opportunities with their younger members, and to continue to provide a community for alumni of GetMAGIC as they move on to college and graduate school."

May 2012: MAGIC session concludes at GMS

The 2011-2012 MAGIC session at The Girls' Middle School (GMS) concluded this month with each of the mentees presenting some of the projects they have worked on during their mentoring sessions. Each of the two mentees plans to continue to expand on their MAGIC related activities through summer.