MAGIC News from 2013

December 2013: MAGIC Sessions Started at Several Schools in Fall 2013

MAGIC entered its sixth year of mentoring in the fall of 2013! A big thank you to all our mentors, mentees, partner schools, advocates and supporters for making these past five years so successful!

Students from the following schools/centers (listed in alphabetical order) started participating in MAGIC sessions in the past four months:

About half of the mentors are engaged in remote mentoring, using a variety of remote communication mechanisms such as Google Hangout and Skype.

July 2013: MAGIC Conducts Another Pilot of Summer Mentoring

MAGIC is running a limited pilot of summer mentoring, with a rising ninth grader from Castilleja School being mentored by a graduate student of University of California at Santa Cruz. This is mostly a remote mentoring session, with some opportunities for face to face meetings.

June 2013: MAGIC Session Concludes at Oak Grove

The end of year meeting with the three 2013-2014 mentees for Oak Grove was held at the end of June 2013. One of the local mentors also attended. The meeting started off by the Oak Grove MAGIC coordinator asking the girls to share some of their learnings and projects. Each of them learned to program with their mentors. It was expected that this would be the case for two of the girls, but not all three. They were all able to eventually write simple code to work with robots or manipulate color images on a screen. They all talked about realizing how important detail is in programming - every step must be accounted for. They enjoyed learning to program but also really connected to their mentors and valued that part of their MAGIC experience. Their comments included "I really enjoyed it," and "It was great being paired with a woman in STEM."

June 2013: MAGIC Presents Paper at MIT-LINC

A paper titled Remote Mentoring Young Females in STEM through MAGIC authored by Ritu Khare, Esha Sahai and Ira Pramanick has been accepted to be published at the Sixth Conference of MIT's Sixth Learning International Networks Consortium being held from June 16th-19th, 2013, at Cambridge, Massachussetts. This paper conducts a retrospective study of MAGIC's formative years, and presents MAGIC's experience in remotely establishing mentor mentee pairs.

May 2013: Palo Alto MAGIC Sessions Conclude

MAGIC mentees from The Girls' Middle School (GMS), Jordan Middle School, and Castilleja School celebrated the end of their 2012-2013 MAGIC mentoring sessions by demonstrating their projects to a house-full audience consisting of their mentors, their parents and families and the school faculty. This event, held on Tuesday, May 21st, opened with each of the nine mentees giving a short overview of their projects, followed by concurrent demo sessions. Many thanks to GMS for hosting this event!

April 2013: MAGIC Session at Navy SPAWAR/Preuss Concludes

The pilot session of MAGIC mentoring of Preuss school girls by mentors from the US Navy SPAWAR command and UCSD concluded a few days ago with a final presentation event by the mentees. Each of the seven mentee-mentors trio had prepared a demo/presentation of their MAGIC project, and these were done concurrently, as the audience moved from one station to another. The audience consisted of mentors, mentee's families, the principal, vice-principal, and some teachers from Preuss and some US Navy SPAWAR officials. The projects ranged a wide variety of topics ranging from: conducting psycho-analysis assessments to soldering metals to building sea-perches.

February 2013: MAGIC Expands to Los Angeles

MAGIC kicked off its pilot session at Yeshiva of Los Angeles Girls High School (YULA) in the first week of Februay. The pilot consists of one mentor-mentee pair, and the session will last through the school year. The mentee is a senior at YULA and will be remotely mentored by her mentor who lives in the Bay Area and works for Google. YULA is a modern, orthodox all-girls high school in the Greater Los Angeles area, with an emphasis on being a top college preparatory school.